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  How to choose a cleaning service provider

Finding a quality maid service can be both time-consuming and costly. With so many service providers in operation, ranging from franchised businesses to local providers of all sizes, it is difficult to identify a good quality maid service without setting some specific selection criteria. We recommend starting out by compiling a list of the absolute "essential" and "desired" qualities that are important to you.

The "essential" criteria could include having adequate liability insurance and employee bonding, having access to customer service support by phone and email, receiving good references, benefiting from rates that fit your budget, having friendly and well-mannered maids who you can trust and feel comfortable leaving in your home, etc. The last example may be difficult to ascertain prior to the actual service.

The "desired" criteria might include flexibility of the service provider as reflected in its hours of operation and rescheduling policy, customer satisfaction guarantee, choice of payment options that includes major credit cards, availability of discounts and promotions, professional office base (as opposed to a home-based operation), and much more.

Once you establish your basic requirements, you should select four or five providers and interview them over the phone and/or by email. Write down the answers to your questions/inquiries and make notes on your overall impression, as this will eventually help you narrow down the list and make a decision.

When you have made your final decision, the next step is to hire the maid service of your choice and compare its actual performance to your expectations. A good maid service will meet your expectations; a great maid service should exceed them. Because quality may can be defined in many ways depending on customersí individual preferences, a maid service that strives to provide high quality services that exceed customer expectations will leave a short customer satisfaction survey card after each cleaning so that the service quality can be improved with each subsequent visit.

However despite the rigorous selection criteria, in reality you may not be able to find the perfect maid the first time around. It can be simply a matter of your needs and personal preferences. If you are not satisfied with a particular maid, we recommend you ask the maid service you have selected for a replacement rather than switching to a new company, unless the service was totally unrepresentative of the qualities promised by the company. In most cases, the maid service will assign a new maid to you based on your individual preferences.

A good maid should be:

Reliable: You donít want to have to worry about when or if your maid will show up. You should always have the peace of mind that the job will be done. In the event of illness or vacation, a quality maid service should always be able to send a replacement.

Honest: Our maid will be given unrestricted access to your home, and will also be in contact with your family, so it is important you have someone who is totally trustworthy and honest.

Hardworking: The whole point of using a maid service is to get essential cleaning and work done around the house. Therefore you need to go for a quality service with service providers who are fully trained and dedicated to quality.

Friendly: The maid will be spending time in your home, and in some cases with your family, you need a person who is friendly and has a positive attitude towards work, you, and your family.

The above essential qualities are ones that all our staff at Oxford Maids possesses, which are reflected in the service and quality we provide our customers. Should Oxford Maids be one of the service providers you are considering for your housecleaning, our dedication to quality will be apparent from the very start -- from the interview stage right through to the service provided.


::Oxford Maids | Welcome >

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